Audio & Video Options

If you're looking to upgrade and enhance your deck experience, Expert General Contracting, has your back. With a variety of industry leading audio and video options, we can have your deck be the talk of the neighborhood.

Audio Upgrades

Enhancing your outdoor oasis with basic audio upgrades can transform your Trex deck into a vibrant entertainment hub. Start with weather-resistant outdoor speakers strategically placed to distribute sound evenly. Bluetooth-enabled amplifiers offer seamless connectivity, allowing you to stream music from your device effortlessly. Consider adding a subwoofer for rich bass, elevating your listening experience. Conceal wiring for a sleek look and ensure all components are weatherproofed to withstand the elements. With these simple upgrades, enjoy your favorite tunes while lounging or entertaining on your Trex deck, creating unforgettable moments for family and friends in your outdoor haven.

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Video Upgrades

Want to enjoy the big game out on the deck? We can easily outfit your flat screen TV in your favorite viewing location. Fire up the grill, sit back and enjoy the competition.

Elevate your outdoor entertainment experience by integrating basic video upgrades into your Trex deck. Start with a weatherproof outdoor television, ensuring durability and clarity even in varying conditions. Mounting options include swivel and tilt brackets for optimal viewing angles. Enhance sound quality with outdoor speakers or a soundbar for immersive audio-video synergy. Extend your viewing hours with outdoor lighting solutions, creating a cozy ambiance. Conceal wiring for a seamless aesthetic and invest in surge protectors to safeguard your equipment. With these basic video upgrades, your Trex deck becomes a versatile outdoor cinema, perfect for movie nights or watching the big game under the stars.

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